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Import & Export

Global Logistic

Product Sourcing

Nos encargamos de llevar su mercancía desde México hasta la puerta de su empresa.


Count on our expertise to make the right decisions.

Whether you are sourcing from Mexico or elsewhere, optimize your international logistics.

Product development & market adaptation

Re-labelling or repackaging to order. We are a partner and neighbour of an ESAT with whom we develop bagging and labelling operations for many products.

We supervise all the services provided. Present on the market for many years, we follow the trends and ensure compliance with the standards and rules imposed on the destination markets. For a brand that is not present in Europe, we can carry out a market study and propose the necessary adaptations to meet existing and future demand.

As an importer, we can act as a distributor to facilitate the marketing of products of a brand that is not domiciled in the European community.

Import & Export

Present in the food market of Mexico City, we buy and transport by sea or air container.

From Mexico or importing into France we control the supply chain from end to end.

In France we have a permanent stock in our warehouses or at our logistics service providers.

We distribute to many professionals in France and Europe.

Close to Paris, we are ideally located to receive and deliver quickly.

Importer & distributor of many brands and products from Mexico. Exporter from France to export. We are specialist in BtoB sourcing.

Sourcing & supply

Mundoshop is an expert in providing growth relays in the textile, decoration, furniture and food sectors, but its organization and know-how allow it to intervene in very different sectors.


We rely on local actors to follow your operations.

Our teams are responsive and attentive to your needs.

We analyze your projects to improve your approach costs.

We optimize your supply from the supplier to your home.

By being present in the field, we bring you our watch and our sourcing.







We bring your new product ideas to life with our local partners.

Second-hand vehicles




Fashion & Furnishings


Leather & maroquinerie



Solid silver


Popular and creative




We source on behalf of our business customers, and control the end-to-end supply chain.

  • Outside France, we source and import on demand.
  • In France, we buy from many brands for the French market as well as for export.

If necessary, we establish commercial agreements between brands and distributors in order to perpetuate the relationship (product referencing, delivery planning, setting up of buffer stocks, etc.).

Our logistical expertise also enables us to provide transport services from producers on behalf of distribution companies. In this respect, we are a transport organiser and facilitate, for example, the grouping of orders in Mexico for numerous European importers and distributors.

We take care of your goods from Mexico to you. Historically specialized in Mexico, we have developed our expertise in France and other destinations. Today Mundoshop Europe is an agile and dynamic import/export and distribution company.

We take care of your goods from Mexico to you.



About us

Mundoshop, your expert partner with wide experience in the sector.

Optimize your logistics with our expertise.

Mundoshop, importer and exporter of Mexican brands.

Mobilize your brands in France and in Europe. 

Mundoshop, experts in the supply chain of your products in Europe.

Efficient transport and distribution.

Mundoshop, the specialist that will lead you to your future suppliers in Mexico.

Your suppliers have never been so close. 

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